Special effects with Brush Pen

Thanks to its shape, which resembles that of a stylo, Brush Pen is easy to grip and control, allowing precision decorations.

Leather effect on Stone Paper

Be amazed by the versatility of Stone Paper!

Abilmente Vicenza 23rd-26th march

Exclusive courses with our teachers and many news into Stamperia booth 231, hall 1. Discover more.

Heavy Body Glossy Gel

A new transparent Gel to give more volume to your creations!

Calligraphic writing

Exercises with the Brush Pen.

How to make a Stone Paper Rose

How to create a wonderful 3D rose with Stone Paper: video tutorial

Tutorial Art Journal: Umut Rados

A new, colorful Mixed Media project and a fresh collaboration... discover more!

Spring Ideas

New molds and scrapbooking papers to make a small gifts.
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