All about Cracklé

Thin, Country, Mixed Media, and more:how to choose the right product for your projects.

Star Colour: bright effects

Water based colours with wonderful metallic effects

Terracotta Tiles

Versatile and very requested: discover Stamperia tiles collecion

Rub On Deco Transfer

Easy to use, Rub On give a nice touch to your creations!

The Green Marine: Cracklé under glass

New video tutorial to make a wonderful Cracklé under glass

Art Journal with iridescent glares

Art Journal project that shows the beauty of Star Colour metallic glares.

Decorative Painting on Tile

Tutorial and pattern to create a country style project, elegant and funny.

Rub On Mugs

An easy, fast and colorful project with Rub On Deco Transfer and Aquacolor: discover the tutorial!
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